Guru-Media is the Most Reliable Cheap Web Hosting Company hosting services in USA

If you want to take your website only, you need web hosting. But even though there’s a saturated web hosting market, you may experience difficulty finding the perfect one.We’ve been through this, and this is why Guru-Media works with the POV of the consumer. If you’re running a new website, we’ll provide you with the best web hosting for your small business with round-the-clock technical support, engaging your potential customers while you’re sleeping. Moreover, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your business website is up and operating just the way you need it.We offer USA cheap hosting services and complete the perfect triangle by checking the main requirements:

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and Secure
  • Bets Customer Service
Included with Our Packages

Host any Website

Every dedicated server hosting and shared hosting plan comes with the ability to host any website. Whether it’s built with PHP or uses a CMS, we’ve got you covered.

Move, Transfer, Stage

Our hosting plans come with total flexibility, meaning; you can move the sites, transfer them anytime, anywhere, and stage them to test and develop.

SSL Certificates

Today’s modern sites are incomplete without SSL, so we always included basic SSL with our hosting plans, and you can choose to upgrade SSL based on your requirements.


cPanel gives you complete control and tools to control and manage your hosting, so we have it on all of our services for your ease. We are a USA cheap hosting company offering budget-friendly solutions to clients.

Domains and Email

When you buy a premium package, we may throw in a free domain with it. And you can have unlimited email addresses on your custom domains.

Diverse Platform Choice

Whether you want to use WordPress, Magento, or Drupal, our servers can host all. Moreover, you can also choose if you need a Linux-based or any other system. There are also some options for different data centers.

Our Great Web Hosting Services
Migration Services

Moving from one host to another is a challenging part. With the help of modern tools and expertise, Guru-Media will move your site for you making sure everything is working correctly.


When you’re changing your hosting service provider and choosing Guru-Media, we make sure our hardware and operating system are compatible with your software.

WordPress Support

As 50% of websites are built using WordPress. We have the in-house technical experience to support its unique requirements and quirks.


Long-Term Growth

Our hybrid solutions for enterprises offer public and private cloud hosting to ensure your company’s long-term growth.


Scalability is essential for different businesses to enable their growth at a pace. Guru-Media utilizes extra resources to cover spikes in demand over the short term.

Robust Security Features

We provide an arsenal of tools to defend you against many cyber threats, including spam removal, strong firewalls, email scanning, intrusion prevention, SSL encryption, and more.